Moby-Dick the Animated Musical in Augmented Reality

It’s been a long long road along a winding route through dense forests of 1s and 0s. In order to pull off this Augmented Reality (AR) project I’ve learned 3D modeling & animation, game engine building and most importantly — patience.

I’m pretty sure Virtual Reality has a bright future but it’s still only accessible to the elite and the geeks. Both of which I have to admit — guilty as charged.

More on the process to come but in the meantime please enjoy the magic of AR by downloading “Arilyn” on your smartphone or tablet and scanning this image. Sound on and stand back!


Modeling to Music

Modeling today. I’d finally hit the wall trying to get the character I’m looking for in various CG 3D modeling apps. So I broke out the Super-Sculpey. So much fun — and satisfying.

Listening to Belle & Sebastian, The Kinks, The Specials etc.